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Monster Gallery: Peter Benchley’s Creature (1998)

Peter Benchley’s Creature


Peter Benchley’s Creature is a miniseries based on Peter Benchley’s White Shark — published in 1994. The producer of the film, Richard Lewis was adamant about the title change. He explained to Fangoria: “I hated the title White Shark. I just felt it was misleading — it isn’t a shark, it’s an amphibious creature. So I respectfully disagreed with Peter’s publisher when I optioned the material and they wanted to sell it as White Shark. I think Peter Benchley’s Creature is a more accurate description of what it is.”

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Monster Gallery: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

Monster Gallery: Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Monster Gallery: Underworld (2003)

Lycans of the Underworld


“I have a background in genetic engineering,” said Kevin Grevioux, co-writer of Underworld — and the actor portraying Raze in the series. “Given that, I wanted to take a different approach to the worlds of Werewolves and Vampires in this film. I wanted to use science as a basis, rather than mysticism.” However powerful and durable in nature, the Werewolves of the Underworld films are not supernatural entities, but rather “oddities of nature” — as Alexander Corvinus states in the second film — grounded in the ‘unlikely’ reality of Science Fiction. Even before the design process for the monsters actually started, director Len Wiseman was adamant about how his Werewolves should be brought to the screen: practical effects — performers inside suits — were to be largely used.

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Monster Gallery: Hellboy (2004)

The Desolate One

Close-up of Sammael's head.

The Desolate One,
Lord of the Shadows,
Son of Nergal,
Harbinger of Pestilence,
Seed of Destruction,
Hound of Resurrection.

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