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Pennywise Unbound

He cried out, staggering back, one hand going to his head, and his first incoherent thought was No wonder Stan committed suicide! Oh God, I wish I had! He saw the same expressions of stunned horror and dawning realization on the faces of the others as the last key turned in the last lock.

Then Beverly was shrieking, clinging to Bill, as It raced down the gossamer curtain of Its webbing, a nightmare Spider from beyond time and space, a Spider from beyond the fevered imaginings of whatever inmates may live in the deepest depths of hell. […] It was perhaps fifteen feet high and as black as a moonless night. Each of Its legs was as thick as a musclebuilder’s thigh. Its eyes were bright malevolent rubies, bulging from sockets filled with some dripping chromium-colored fluid. Its jagged mandibles opened and closed, opened and closed, dripping ribbons of foam.

-Stephen King, It

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Subterranean Terror — Tremors: The Series

GraboidBlancofrontjaws Tremors: The Series was produced between the third and fourth films, and based on an idea that had been conceived during production of the second film, but was not able to be greenlit at the time. The actual series, with Tremors 3 as its intended ‘pilot’, presents the citizens of Perfection against not only Graboids, but also other creatures — either hybrids spawned from a chemical compound labeled as ‘Mixmaster’, or fictitious prehistoric animals. Recurring in the series is the Graboid El Blanco, introduced in the third film; 8 out of 13 episodes of the series are focused on the subterranean creatures.

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‘Skitter’ is the name used colloquially to label the eight-limbed extraterrestrial creatures that have a major role in the TV series Falling Skies. Thought by many to be those responsible for the invasion of Earth, they are actually the enslaved subordinates of another sentient race — the Espheni — who hijacked them from their home world, and used biotechnological ‘harnesses’ to control them. It is unknown whether the harnesses structurally alter the creatures — in a similar manner to the effects they display on the harnessed human children — or not. The Skitters are mainly nocturnal and communicate through specific radio waves; their weakness is the absence of a palate bone, making a direct strike at the brain relatively easy. When inactive, they lie hanging from ceilings.

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