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Special: Monster Legacy’s Monstrous Hundred – Part 4

In the last part of the Monstrous Hundred, here’s a carousel of films from the 2000s onwards!

Pitch Black (2000)
This film packs a clever, outside-the-box narrative with an equally interesting subversive man as its main character, pitting him and an unlikely crew against swarms of truly outlandish alien creatures that are neither hammerhead sharks, nor bats, nor birds of prey.

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Monster Gallery: The Host (2006)

Horror of the Han River


“I really hate the creature film convention that says you have to wait until the end to see the monster,” said Bong Joon-ho, director of The Host, addressing the horror’s early revelation in the film. “One hour and all you’ve seen is just the tip of the creature’s tail. I really wanted to break that convention, so I show the entire creature early in the film.”

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The Host 2: what we have so far

The Host 2, sequel to Joon-ho Bong’s The Host, is set for a summer 2014 release. The director passes the torch to Park Myeong-Chan, and the new digital effects are provided by Macrograph.

This image was first seen:

Following is the widely-known teaser sequence…

You can also see very interesting footage in Macrograph’s VFX showreel; the sequences of interest are at 00:26 and 03:01 respectively.

And, allegedly, this a concept art piece (from Bloodydisgusting):