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Monster Gallery: Tremors (1990)

Subterranean Terror — Tremors

In the early 70s, filmmaker Steven S. Wilson was working for the Navy in an isolated area near China Lake. One day, he was sitting on a rock, surrounded by sand, and an idea came to his mind: what would happen, he wondered, if something under the ground forbade him to get off that rock? He remarked in an interview with The Official UK Tremors: “one of my first jobs was working as a film editor for a naval film company that worked in the desert at a naval base in California. We used to hike around the gunnery ranges out there and I was always making notes for ideas for movies. So at one point, I was hiking on these big rounded boulders which were very much like the ones that we ended up shooting in the movie, and I made the note: ‘what if there was something under the ground, like a shark, and I couldn’t get off this rock?'”

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