Exclusive: TyRuben Ellingson’s Mimic Concept Art!

Early study of the Mimic face-mask.

On the 4th of January, I received a mail from TyRuben Ellingson, the main creature designer for Guillermo del Toro’s Mimic. He showed to me two concept art pieces he had drawn for the project back in 1996; with further correspondence he not only allowed me to publish them here, but also gave me other drawings.

The two pieces below are side view studies, already close to the final incarnation of the ‘Long John’ Mimic design; they show how the creatures’ peculiar ‘mask-claws’ function and how the Mimics’ appearance changes when they are in ‘masked’ and ‘unmasked’ positions. Notice that the ‘mask-claws’ here were successively changed for the adult monsters. The juveniles mantain the earlier design due to the fact that when the decision was made, the practical models for the character were already built and ready for filming.

MimicheadsideEllingson MimicmaskonsideEllingson

The next piece, labeled the ‘Dead Boy’ was already published in Fangoria #167. It portrays the dead Mimic juvenile found in the sewers and later dissected by Doctor Gates (played by Murray Abraham).


The final drawing TyRuben sent me, seen below, is a concept study (complete with design notes) of the appearance — in front view — of the Mimics when folding their wings over their body, effectively imitating the look of a man in a raincoat.


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Special, Great thanks to TyRuben Elligson, who gifted me with these rare concept art pieces. Be sure to give a look to His Website: alieninsect.com.

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