Monster Legacy on Facebook!

Awaiting the next article — which should be here by the end of June or the beginning of July — Monster Legacy announces the opening of a companion page on Facebook.

Future news will be posted there! Like and share to support the project.

EDIT: to be clear, the Monster articles will continue to be posted here — the FB companion will serve as news provider, and will post links to the newest Blog articles (as well as highlight old gems).

About the monster philologist

I'm always bored and monsters were the first thing to entertain me

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  1. future news about just the site or all future movie news too?
    will all the big articles and photos still be posted here?

    • Witchblade,

      That is a good question, in fact I did not explain myself very clearly.

      The making-of-Monsters articles will still be posted here. That’s out of question. The FB companion page will provide links to the newest articles, as well as post news about upcoming films and dvd releases and whatnot. 🙂

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