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5 years of Monster Legacy


This month Monster Legacy celebrates 5 years of successful publication! Did not believe I could get this far, and I look forward to writing more in the following years! Heartfelt thanks to all my collaborators and followers. Thank you everyone.

Monster Legacy on Facebook!

Awaiting the next article — which should be here by the end of June or the beginning of July — Monster Legacy announces the opening of a companion page on Facebook.

Future news will be posted there! Like and share to support the project.

EDIT: to be clear, the Monster articles will continue to be posted here — the FB companion will serve as news provider, and will post links to the newest Blog articles (as well as highlight old gems).

Monster Legacy


The Graboid is one of the most memorable Monsters from the genre’s long-lived history, and has visually accompanied my blog since the beginning.

Monster Legacy was first created on July the 27th, 2011, on a Blogspot address. Technical issues with the server have convinced the writer you are reading from to try a new place to work on. I chose WordPress, as it was suggested many times as a tidier and smoother server — and it is here that, from now on, that I will post my articles.

With that estabilished, what is this blog about? Monsters. Monsters, or fictional creatures, have always been part of our history: terrifying inhabitants of our legends and fears, they have been featured in a ginormously wide array of fictional works. Monster Legacy focuses, in particular, on their presence in motion pictures and novels — without excluding eventual essays of purely folkloristic subjects.

Generally, the articles regarding Movie Monsters focus on the process of their creation and presentation. From script, to conceptual designs, to practical and/or digital realization.

Other than that, the blog will continue to report news about upcoming films of the genre. The blog is currently under construction — I am transferring the data from the old address to here.

As I always say, stay tuned.