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Monster Gallery: I, Frankenstein (2014)

Exclusive: The Demons of ‘I, Frankenstein’!


Creating the demons for I, Frankenstein was a task assigned to the special effects artists of the Make-Up Effects Group. Monster Legacy had the chance — and the honour — to interview Nick Nicolaou, co-founder of the company, again — following our last exclusive — discussing the make-up effects of the film. Read on!


Dekar, played by Kevin Grevioux — the author of the original graphic novel.

Monster Legacy: Were you familiar with Grevioux’s graphic novel prior to your work on the film?

Nick Nicolaou: I was familiar with the graphic novel, but I was never able to get a copy to read. I knew of the premise and saw quite a bit of the artwork. When the production approached us, the first thing they pointed out was that the graphic novel was the inspiration, but it was just a stepping stone and the film was being developed in a slightly different direction.

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Monster Gallery: Man-Thing (2005)

Exclusive: Man-Thing!


The 2005 Man-Thing film was part of an arrangement Marvel Comics made with Artisan to develop lesser-known characters into motion pictures of their own. Originally intended for a 2004 video release, it was ‘upgraded’ for a theatrical release — only to be put back on the straight to video format by Marvel. Still, the film was theatrically released in a limited number of countries, among which Russia and Spain.

The film featured a mixture of practical and digital effects — with the former parts created by Make-Up Effects Group of Australia. Monster Legacy had the great chance — and honour — to interview Nick Nicolaou, co-founder of the special effects company, who brought the swamp Monster to life.

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