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Special: Monster Legacy’s Monstrous Hundred – Part 4

In the last part of the Monstrous Hundred, here’s a carousel of films from the 2000s onwards!

Pitch Black (2000)
This film packs a clever, outside-the-box narrative with an equally interesting subversive man as its main character, pitting him and an unlikely crew against swarms of truly outlandish alien creatures that are neither hammerhead sharks, nor bats, nor birds of prey.

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Monster Gallery: Super 8 (2011)



“[J.J. Abrams] wanted something that was iconic,” said creature designer Neville Page, “[that] has never been seen before and absolutely fierce, provocative and scary and new. Whenever you hear new — oh, that one again. How am I gonna do it? So it was intimidating, yeah.” ‘Cooper’ was the nickname given to the Super 8 monster during production — a common technique to avoid news leaks.

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