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Exclusive: Interview with Mate Jako!


Jako’s Hellhound concept.

Monster Legacy had the pleasure to interview a freelance, overlooked creature designer — Mate Jako!

Monster Legacy: A more personal question first. What inspired you to become a concept artist?

Mate Jako: Well, for a lot of artists you read, their main inspirations are usually comic books, fine art, or cartoons, and they are great, but the main trigger in my life that launched me towards art was monsters. As a child, I loved “scary movies”. I still remember myself watching Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Conan slaying that horrendous-faced wizard — created by Carlo Rambaldi if I’m right — from behind my dad’s armchair for protection. Or no matter how scary the transformations in The Thing were, you could not look away. Monsters are extremely commanding and expressive.

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