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Lycans of the Underworld — Underworld: Awakening


Patrick Tatopoulos and his special effects Studios did not return to provide effects for the fourth chapter of the series, Underworld: Awakening. Although the french artist was attached to the production of the 2012 Total Recall film, he managed to create designs for two of the new Lycan ‘types’ introduced in the film — the ‘Tunnel’ Lycan and the ‘Uber’ Lycan. MastersFX replaced Tatopoulos Studios in creating the new practical effects for the film; Todd Masters, the founder of the company, had precedent experiences with Werewolves in the production of Howling VI: The Freaks.

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Monster Gallery: Falling Skies (2011 – )



‘Skitter’ is the name used colloquially to label the eight-limbed extraterrestrial creatures that have a major role in the TV series Falling Skies. Thought by many to be those responsible for the invasion of Earth, they are actually the enslaved subordinates of another sentient race — the Espheni — who hijacked them from their home world, and used biotechnological ‘harnesses’ to control them. It is unknown whether the harnesses structurally alter the creatures — in a similar manner to the effects they display on the harnessed human children — or not. The Skitters are mainly nocturnal and communicate through specific radio waves; their weakness is the absence of a palate bone, making a direct strike at the brain relatively easy. When inactive, they lie hanging from ceilings.

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Monster Gallery: Underworld: Awakening (2012)