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Subterranean Terror — Tremors 4: The Legend Begins


The fourth chapter in the Tremors series depicts the Graboids first attacking the city of Perfection (then called Rejection) in 1889, 100 years before the first film. When discussions about the projects began writer Steven S. Wilson met with Universal executive Patti Jackson. “I told Patti that we were really in a corner,” Wilson told Cinefex online. “The fans were going to want a new creature, but we had no idea where to go. We couldn’t just keep doing the same movie over and over.” He then added: “we’d have to do something wacky this time, like set it in the Old West.” Jackson’s response was concise: “that’s fine.”

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The River Ghost


In Predators, the group of stranded characters — lost in the alien jungle — stumbles upon a cage with molt skin and insectoids crawling on it. Later in the film, they discover an agile creature running through the woods — and decide to take it down using Edwin as a bait for it. The creature is killed, but not by the sniper shot — rather, by Noland, a survivor of previous hunting sessions. The corpse of the creature is seen crawling with the same insectoids seen in the cage earlier in the film.

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Monster Gallery: Predators (2010)