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Monster Gallery: The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

An Army of Nightmares


In the third act of The Cabin in the Woods, all the monsters, and supernatural characters kept in the facility are unleashed, resulting in a bloody massacre. The characters and creatures were brought to the screen through both computer-generated imagery and practical effects, although the AFX Studio crew focused primarily on the latter technique. “I’ve never been in a crew that was trying to make so many creatures for a single film,” said David Leroy Anderson, lead of AFX Studio. “[I have] never been involved in something that was so all-encompassing. I have no way of even calculating how many zombies or mutants we did, because once we were in the thick of things, it came down to as many as we could possibly make in a single day! I think the hard number for types of creatures was somewhere around sixty, but it was well into the hundreds, probably close to a thousand, in individual people turned into various things.”

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